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Negotiate better agreements and contracts while improving the relationship

Negotiating a good deal that creates value for the organisation – without sacrificing the relationship to suppliers and customers. That is the hallmark of a good negotiator.


A good negotiation process is characterised by three things:

  1. The negotiation actually makes a difference – you achieve a better result than you would have without the negotiation
  2. The negotiation is carefully prepared and efficiently conducted
  3. Relations between you and your negotiating partner are unchanged – if not improved – when the process is over

This may sound obvious. Nevertheless, many negotiators end up leaving money at the table or jeopardising relations – simply because their negotiating skills are too poor, or the process is not managed properly.

Implement Consulting Group has the largest team of negotiation consultants in Scandinavia who can help you improve the way you negotiate – to ensure better results for your business.

There are two key reasons why we overlook value when we negotiate: we think negotiation is a fight and we stick to poor agreements. Learn how to put more value on the negotiation table:

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