SAP Warehouse Excellence

Optimizing your Logistic Execution through SAP WM and EWM

The Warehouse Floor is where corporate plans meet reality. With its central position between sales, production and purchasing, the warehouse will be where you discover when the surrounding processes are not in sync.

Historically industries have been aiming at keeping customer satisfaction high, by raising stock levels, but in an increasingly competitive market, businesses must continuously improve the performance of operations and of the supply chain.

In Warehouse Excellence our goal is to keep firefighting out of the warehouse, by implementing smart, IT supported, Warehouse systems for our customers:

  • Warehouse and Shipping Process design and optimization
  • Implementing mobile picking equipment, Pick by Voice systems and other automation systems
  • Tools for workforce capacity optimization, and workload leveling
  • KPI definitions and measuring tools for the Warehouse, and the surrounding processes
  • Outsourcing and Integration to 3PL’s for Warehouse Services
  • WMS selection
  • Project Management, Warehouse management implementation and test
Lars Smith Christoffersen
Lars Smith Christoffersen
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