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SAP implementation

SAP implementation with business impact

SAP supports critical business processes. To implement SAP successfully, you have to know what you want SAP to deliver – and create the platform to make this happen.

SAP implementation

To ensure business impact, SAP must be based on clear business goals and the right resources. First of all, you need to translate your business goals into specific project deliverables. Without clear deliverables, you cannot scope your projects correctly. Secondly, you need to align your resources – employee skills, methods and technologies – to make sure that the project can deliver the results you need.

At Implement Consulting Group, we can set up an effective SAP implementation process. Our consultants have detailed knowledge of SAP technologies, implementation experience and, not least, the business experience necessary to help you define the results you wish your SAP system to deliver.

Featured clients

Grundfos - SAP® APO
Propelled to the next level of planning with SAP® APO
Infrastructure providers around the world count on pumps from Grundfos Holdings A/S, known for its leading-edge technology and high quality. Deliveries are quicker and more reliable than ever now that Grundfos uses the SAP® Advanced Planning & Optimization (SAP APO) component for lining up all the right supplies to meet demand.
A custom-designed SAP warehouse system
A custom-designed SAP warehouse system: SEAS-NVE decided to build a new 1,500 m2 warehouse for spare parts and consumables as part of a large strategy process. A system for storage location management was to be implemented which could support a more efficient picking process


  • Increase the revenue of your ERP investment

    The complexity and the effort combined with having the company’s business processes and transactions reflected and supported by the ERP system is often so large the energy to expand with advanced planning systems is simply not there. It is understandable but it is also a shame.

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