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Project Portfolio Management

Go for few projects with high intensity

Running too many projects at the same time reduces the overall effect of your strategy. Establishing a strong Portfolio Management Office (PMO) will help you prioritise projects and execute them correctly.

Project Portfolio Management

At Implement Consulting Group, we believe in ‘few projects with high intensity’. If you focus on a few key projects at a time, you can make sure they generate the right project output and business impact. It is essentially about choosing the right projects and executing them effectively – or as we say ‘think like the minimalist and execute like the military’.

To make the ‘few projects with high intensity’ principle work in your organisation, we will help you set up an effective PMO. This unit can design a simple but mandatory project management model that is easy to use across your organisation.

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How a new and powerful project organisation transformed the company
In just two years, KMD has adapted to completely new market and investor demands. This was achieved by transforming a chaotic myriad of projects into a transparent, value-driven portfolio overview spearheaded by capable project managers. The effect is increased internal satisfaction combined with multi-million savings obtained through a tighter focus on costs and optimisation of project execution.


  • Short and fat projects will save your bottom line

    Kill Complexity is a change journey aiming at eliminating unnecessary complexity from an organisation and/or hindering unnecessary complexity in sneaking into the organisation. Kill Complexity is also about inspiring to having the courage to make trade-offs – and about building intelligent, simple solutions.

  • Basic governance of projects

    The four handles most top level managers install first to get a grip on the projects in their organisations. This article describe why top managers crave to install basic governance of projects, it describes the content of the four handles, discusses implementation issues and points ahead to the more advanced project governance issues after getting in control of the basics in the project realm.

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