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Programme management

Use programme management to realise the benefits of transformational change

Programme management can help to put major strategic initiatives into action and make sure that the derived benefits are clearly identified and realised across the organisation.

Programme management

When organisations launch development programmes and strategic initiatives, they go to great lengths to formulate clearly defined deliverables. Often, the same level of clarity does not apply when it comes to the benefits of such initiatives.

At Implement, we believe that clear awareness of benefits is the key to successful transformational change. That is why we have designed a programme management framework with benefit realisation as its key driver. It helps you address and answer questions, such as: What are the specific and derived benefits of a given programme or strategy; how are the benefits generated and measured; and, most importantly, who is responsible for realising them?

This framework includes tools such as benefit maps, blueprint, business case and benefit scoreboards. The framework also integrates leadership and stakeholder management to help you build a trust-based network that can initiate the transformations that will, in turn, deliver the desired benefits.

If you wish to learn more about our approach to programme management – and how to put it into practice in your organisation – please contact Rasmus Rytter or Jesper Lind.

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