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Have you ever experienced that somewhere along the way you lost track of the impact that your projects are supposed to deliver? To attain the desired benefits, we need a structured approach to benefit realisation.

Simply put, it is possible to play on two different turfs when it comes to change projects.

Either the change project is delivered without a structured approach to benefit realisation and will realise 20% of the benefit potential. In some cases, nothing at all.

Otherwise, focus is on making a small investment in a structured approach to benefit realisation, which makes it possible to realise around 80% of the project’s benefit potential.

The benefit realisation top 5:

  1. Start immediately. The business case for a structured approach to benefit realisation is too good to pass up.
  2. The business case must demonstrate how to create the benefits. It should not only consist of numbers.
  3. Projects are only carried out if the benefit owner claims ownership of the benefit realisation.
  4. Do not stop the project until the change has been satisfactorily implemented.
  5. Be clear and concise in your benefit follow-up, and do not let your organisation depend on subjective intuitions.

If you want to learn more about benefit realisation and how we can help your company create more value through projects, please contact Rasmus Rytter (+45 3085 8063, or Jesper Lind (+45 3085 8002,

Jesper Krøyer Lind
Jesper Krøyer Lind
+45 3085 8002

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  • Create change where change is due (in Danish)

    One of the most substantial reasons for us to deem many projects a failure is that we sum up the benefits in the same way we do with costs – too soon and without consideration of the fact that change is driven by behaviour. Not until the behaviour is rooted, can economic benefits occur.

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