Process landscaping

Create a process landscape

Map the interdependencies between organisational processes to gain an overview and optimise productivity.

Process landscaping

Processes within an organisation are interdependent. If you make changes to product development, for example, your team will need to be trained differently; you may even have to recruit new staff. These are the obvious implications – and there may be others that you are not aware of. They will emerge if you build a process landscape.

It is the management team’s task to create the process landscape. This will help them provide their teams with an organisational overview and explain the necessary process improvements. At a more detailed level, it may also be used to document why standards and templates are designed the way they are.

Better discussions and decision-making

At Implement, we can help you create a process landscape with the right level of detail to address your organisation’s needs and create a better structure for your business.

Mapping the interdependencies will help you gain a clear overview of your organisational processes and identify what needs to be done to make operations more efficient. The added benefit will be more focused discussions – which will ultimately support your decision-making.

If you want to learn more about process landscaping and how your company can benefit from this approach, please contact Anders Kjøller.

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