KPIs and performance and operational management

Higher performance through better management processes

By building effective management processes, you can boost daily performance among first-line managers and their staff.

KPIs and performance and operational management

Clear key performance indicators (KPIs) are important to align the work done across the organisation with its overall goals. In most organisations, progress reporting on KPIs takes place on a weekly or monthly basis. But reporting is not enough. Effective corrective action needs to be taken if organisational performance is to improve.

Effective day-to-day management

At Implement, we help organisations design internal performance and operational management processes that help first-level managers and their staff align tasks, expectations and available resources – all with a view to improving performance.

By establishing visual boards, meeting structures and systematic training/coaching, first-line managers are given new tools to manage day-to-day operations more effectively. Moreover, weekly performance meetings are set up to ensure that these management processes meet overall organisational objectives.

The result? First-line managers and their staff perform better, resources are used more efficiently, and the entire organisation becomes better geared to meet customer demands.

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