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Intelligent automation

Optimise your processes, free up valuable resources and reduce costs with intelligent automation

At Implement, we are helping organisations derive real value and business impact by implementing software robotics across their business processes. Combined with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are taking the intelligent automation agenda to the next level.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation has a huge potential in organisations – with cost reduction, error elimination and freeing up resources for higher value-adding tasks being the main benefits. Our market-leading insight and hands-on approach allows us to combine the best products in the market within the one automation solution that best meets your needs.

How are organisations using intelligent automation? Reducing IT development backlogs through effective and low-key automation is one example. Automating the process of handling insurance claims and regulatory reporting in the field of financial services is another.

Our automation experience covers most industries and across both business and support functions.

New technologies need new competences

Web and self-service enablers, decision engines and artificial intelligence. This is where intelligent automation is headed. There is a huge potential within these technologies to improve key business processes. However, these will require wider skill sets.

At Implement, we focus on enabling our clients to take the journey of intelligent automation further. We do this by developing and implementing training and capability build-up plans into our delivery model – that includes both building competences and optimising resources. Our model is characterised by an on-site, agile and collaborative approach that ensures constant alignment and quick resolution of issues.  

Partner Press Release - Implement Consulting Group and TrustPortal

We are delighted to partner with TrustPortal, an innovative company with a tangible, secure and proven solution, allowing us to merge robotics process automation and full human-to-robot functionality, in our customer offering.

Learn more about TrustPortal

To learn more about how Implement can help you accelerate the benefits of intelligent automation, please contact Lasse Dalgaard Jensen or Thomas Winther.


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  • Software robotics in brief

    Software robotics is here to stay and will radically change the way you work with process improvement. The question is when and how you want to reap the benefits. Software robotics can be seen as a virtual workforce which is established and managed by your business units. The benefits potential is dramatic cost reductions, higher service levels and improved data quality.

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  • The employee motivation pitfall

    Half of all activities carried out by workers today have the potential to be automated. This not only provides a significant potential for Robotics Process Automation (RPA) but also necessitates a fundamental change in how organisations define a job.

  • RPA: Augmentation vs Substitution

    Some work is better left with robots, and some work is better left with people. This might seem tedious, but the fact is that tasks that cannot be substituted by automation are generally complemented by it. If approached correctly, this is an opportunity to not only find new applications for technology, but for people as well.

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