Information-driven process performance

Manage your critical data as a corporate asset

Good data quality is the key to optimal business process execution. At Implement, we can help your organisation optimise process performance – through better information governance and master data management.

Information-driven process performance

No matter which industry or function you are in, process excellence is the prerequisite for a digital business model, a superior customer experience and a perfect order transaction. Since high-quality information is the main integrator of processes and organisations, your information needs to be managed as a corporate asset.

Correct data are critical

Looking at any process in your organisation, it is important to identify what constitutes “critical information”, i.e. master data that need to be correct to achieve perfect process execution. If any of these information fields are not correct, the process will fail or stop.

Any process – order to cash, for example – will typically have 20-30 critical master data fields. To reach 75 per cent perfect process execution, the correctness of the master data needs to be at least 98.5 per cent. To reach even 25 per cent, the correctness has to be more than 93 per cent. Clearly, having the right master data is business critical.

Experts ready to help

At Implement, we have an expert team of consultants working within information-driven process performance. They help companies and organisations leverage their process performance initiatives.

Our offering includes:

  • Clarification of business requirements, translated into end-to-end needs
  • End-to-end governance, seamlessly integrated into your business governance structures
  • Simplifications, standardisations and streamlining to make daily tasks easier and improve the rate of success
  • Quality KPI hierarchy that links strategy to operations to create transparency and focus

If you want to learn more about information-driven process performance and how your company can benefit from our approach, please get in touch.