Process improvement



  • Avoiding the dead end of end-to-end optimisations

    A relentless focus on customer value and lead time reduction will drive transparency, efficiency and clarity - ultimately providing better services with less effort. The approach prioritises simplification and sustainability in improvement efforts. Quick wins are only an added benefit, not the goal.

  • Operations management made simple

    Operations management does not need to be complex. As specialists, we tend to make operations management more complex than necessary. What leaders really need in their work with operations management is simplicity and overview rather than a vast number of tools.

  • Successfully coping with current challenges in health care thanks to Lean hospital management

    Does Lean hospital management help service providers in health care to have more time for their patients? Hospitals all over the world, such as the Virginia Mason Hospital in the United States and the Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna in Switzerland, have discovered the benefits of Lean hospital management and have already implemented it successfully.

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Featured clients

Maersk Line
Future Operations Execution
Maersk Line Operations Execution is managing the world’s largest fleet of more than 500 vessels with the objective to deliver what their customers have promised to their customers at the lowest possible operating costs. The main processes of Operations Execution are capacity planning, cargo execution, marine management and procurement. The organisation spans across 8 regional offices and 3 service centres working together in one global network.
Brødrene Dahl
Implementation of Lean Warehousing
After a period of massive growth in the level of activity, the market-leading wholesaler experienced a slowdown in the market, which is why focus was put on efficient cost management and, deriving from this, the need for optimisation and trimming of processes
The Danish Prosecution Service
Lean as a lever for transformation
Since the police reform came into force, the Prosecution Service has been in the process of a comprehensive transformation towards a completely new way of thinking and working – combining an extremely high level of legal expertise with efficient operations management and a new management paradigm