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Strategic competence development

Develop the right competences to support business success

People are the key asset in almost any organisation. A clear competence development strategy will help you to attract and retain the right people.

Strategic competence development

Competence development is more than courses in an HR catalogue or the occasional reward for a job well done. To develop your business, you need to focus strategically on recruiting the right people and developing the talent of the staff you already have.

One way of developing this is by setting up an academy within your organisation that offers competence development programmes. These programmes should be aligned to support your strategy to ensure that you cultivate the competences you need to reach business goals. Whether it is an in-house academy, tailored employee career development, or frameworks for effective employee development talks we can help you design a competence development platform that stimulates your staff and supports your business.

Featured clients

The Capital Region of Denmark
Developing leadership in health care
Better service, higher quality of patient care at lower costs and with balanced budgets. It sounds too good to be true, but that is actually what the Capital Region of Denmark achieved through one of the most extensive leadership development programmes ever conducted in Scandinavia.