Change with impact

Organisational culture

Build your change capacity through an agile organisational culture

To stay competitive, change must be part of the way you think and act.

Organisational culture

Statistics show that 90 per cent of organisations are in the process of planning, running or completing some kind of transformation. However, 70 per cent of these change processes fail – and a lot of resources go to waste.

To prevent this from happing in your organisation, change readiness has to be part of your culture and organisational set-up. But there is no fixed formula for achieving this. Processes must be designed to suit the needs of the individual organisation.

That is exactly what we provide at Implement Consulting Group. Through customised change agent training, on-the-change development and project management support, we can help you build an agile and adaptive organisation that is always one step ahead.

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  • Why is change still difficult

    We know that roughly two-thirds of all major change initiatives do not have the desired impact – and that the cause is often a lack of competence and/or time invested in change management.

  • Aim for motivation

    Leaders who want to become better at evoking motivation and engagement have to work with their way of thinking and focus on seeing the intrinsic motivation within all employees

  • Unmotivated employees

    You have no unmotivated employees – they are actually always motivated. Sometimes they just happen to be motivated for doing something different than what you want them to do in a given situation. Learn how to point motivation in the right direction.

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