Change with impact

Employer branding

Build your brand from within – and strengthen your market position

If you want your employees to live your brand, you need to nurture it from within.

Employer branding

To build a strong corporate brand, you need to invest in internal brand communication. That means building a company culture and sharing ambitions for the future with your employees, so that they know what the company is all about and where you are heading. By engaging and informing people, you will increase commitment, pride and, ultimately, productivity. And all three reflect directly on your brand value.

Through various activities – such as large-scale interventions, communication and recruitment strategies and brand leadership programmes – our team of brand specialists can help you strengthen your brand from within.


  • Can you afford poor quality teamwork?

    In many workplaces, too many resources are tied up in bad or random collaboration. It reduces job satisfaction, it reduces efficiency and effectiveness – and ultimately it reduces profit. How can we change this picture? What does it take to release the energy tied up in poor or inferior collaboration?

  • The art of implementing real change

    When you invite people to take part in the change and give them genuine influence early on in the process, you’ll lose control – do it anyway!

  • Aim for motivation

    Leaders who want to become better at evoking motivation and engagement have to work with their way of thinking and focus on seeing the intrinsic motivation within all employees.

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