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  • Leadership in agile organisations

    Organisational agility is considered a prerequisite for most organisations today. Business leaders are challenged in handling turbulence, uncertainty and constant changes in the market. What kind of leadership is needed to match the requirements of the agile context?

  • Four dogmas for creating powerful competency models

    We need to add simplicity to a key discipline that all too often suffers from two organisational illnesses: neglect or unnecessary complication. The result may be twofold; death upon birth or a chronic disease that eventually will suck the life out of all initiatives aimed at making your organisation change behaviour. That may sound very dramatic, but, unfortunately, it’s all too often the case.

  • Measuring the impact of training

    4 out of 5 companies do not get any significant impact from training employees or do not make any effort to measure and document whether the training has an impact. Yet, huge amounts of money are spent every year on sending employees on training courses where skills, tools and techniques are practised in a secure environment.

  • Culture eats technology for breakfast

    Have you ever rolled out a new IT system, launched it and then seen it plummet straight to the ground? This is the cruel fate of many IT systems, and afterwards comes the question: “What went wrong?”

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