Change with Impact

Supply network strategy

Refine your supply network to cope with volatility and complexity

The market is more erratic than ever. Customer stock levels are becoming so lean that fast replenishment is needed. Therefore, it is important that supplier and customer relationships are transparent and well-managed.

Supply network strategy

Each operation is part of an interconnected network of its own customers and suppliers. Add to that its customers’ customers and suppliers’ suppliers, then you have a complex spaghetti of networks and interactions. Therefore, attempts to understand its dynamics and identify areas for improvement can be a challenge.

Should you have close cooperation with a few turnkey suppliers, or keep the suppliers at arm’s length? Each new enhancement will result in a different outcome, but it must match the overall strategic goal of the entire value chain. At Implement Consulting Group, we can help you optimise your supplier network so that your supply chain operation can respond to sudden and complex changes in the market.


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