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Manufacturing footprint

Design your optimal manufacturing footprint for global-scale gains

Increasing volatility is driving the need for optimisation of the manufacturing footprint. Outsourcing, insourcing and nearsourcing can have significant impacts, which calls for a strategic review of the potential risks and gains.

Manufacturing footprint

Gone are the days when a company’s manufacturing footprint could remain unchallenged. Global competition and price transparency have led to major relocations of manufacturing plants and outsourcing of labour-intensive tasks to lower labour cost countries. However, increasing demands for faster delivery times and ever-shortening product life cycles are challenging these operations, which makes it difficult to sustain low product costs and supply chain agility.

So how do you manage product development in these challenging times if there are no manufacturing operations nearby? The answer is to design the manufacturing footprint that meets your cost, agility and flexibility requirements. Let us assist you in this design process to create a solid and cost-effective setup.

Align the manufacturing footprint and increase network performance

Creating an optimal footprint requires considerations within…

  1. The global manufacturing strategy,
  2. The network coordination and
  3. The network configuration

At Implement we have the tools and the experience to redesign and rethink the manufacturing footprint. Please watch the video with Professor Thomas Friedli below from one of our inspirational workshops.

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