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Facility management

Optimise your facilities and support services

Develop an effective facility management solution that supports your business strategy and delivers bottom-line as well as top-line growth.

Facility management

A substantial share of a company’s total spending goes towards facilities and support services. In addition, the facilities and support services influence the daily working environment of the employees.

As a result, improvements within facility management will typically translate into visible bottom-line gains. Similarly, the right solution can positively impact employee satisfaction, retention and productivity – ultimately contributing positively to top-line results.

At Implement Consulting Group, we help companies outline their facility management strategy. This includes developing a fact-based business case and helping the company realise the identified benefits.

Criteria for an optimal facility management solution

To develop the optimal facility management solution for your business, you need to look beyond cost and let your business strategy guide you. The key criteria to go by should include:

  • Core business – e.g. the level of in-house versus outsourced service delivery
  • Flexibility – e.g. agility and the ability to scale up and down
  • Stability – e.g. response times for critical services
  • Quality – e.g. how the solution supports core business requirements and affects the working environment for your employees
  • Financial structure – e.g. alignment with you company’s financial setup.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your company increase the value of your facility management solution, please get in touch.

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