Operations strategy



  • Identify the right service level and create value by optimising tied-up stock capital

    How tied-up capital in stocks in particular can be optimised by means of a number of concrete methods and tools which support the short-term tactical decisions and at the same time strengthen the basis for the company’s value added and competitive power.

  • Managing the demand for spare parts

    We suggest a structured method to manage the demand for spare parts, and illustrate a business case in a large global production company, where this method was applied. Not surprisingly, the economical benefits were very significant.

  • Optimisation of the production and distribution structure

    Changes in a company’s production and distribution structure are among the most important strategic decisions in an operating organisation. Learn how an optimisation of your company’s production and distribution structure can support competitive power and increase the company’s value added.

  • Royal Greenland optimises its supply chain

    How Royal Greenland is reducing inventories in its supply chain around the world. “Breaking the curve” is a list of initiatives for reducing inventories in Royal Greenland’s supply chain around the world. For the last couple of years, two large initiatives have been running, namely the implementation of sales and operations planning (S&OP) and the implementation of master/tactical planning.

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