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Team performance

Train your team for higher business impact

To engage people in effective collaboration, you need to invest in building a strong team. What you get in return is staff satisfaction and a better bottom line.

Team performance

Collaboration is key in almost any organisation. When it is not there, the organisation suffers. And so does its staff. They become dissatisfied, demotivated, less efficient – and, ultimately, all this affects your business. That is why collaboration – or team development – belongs at the top of any business agenda.

At Implement Consulting Group, we offer two types of team development: A fast track method that quickly transforms a random group into an effective group – and a more thorough method that develops the effective group into a strong team. Both create great business impact.

Collaboration doesn´t come by nature and should be made a hard-core organisational discipline. Watch the video to learn more.



  • Teamwork on the Fly

    Stable teams of people who have learned over time to work well together can be powerful tools. But given the speed of change, the intensity of market competition, and the unpredictability of customers’ needs today, there often isn’t enough time to build that kind of team.

  • The New Science of Building Great Teams

    At MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, we have identified the elusive group dynamics that characterize high-performing teams — those blessed with the energy, creativity, and shared commitment to far surpass other teams.

Harvard Business Review
  • Can you afford poor quality teamwork?

    In many workplaces, too many resources are tied up in bad or random collaboration. It reduces job satisfaction, it reduces efficiency and effectiveness – and ultimately it reduces profit.

  • Good teamwork does not just happen

    Most managers are aware that employees at all levels are the company’s most precious resource – yet also the most complex. Every day, when we come to work, we bring many things with us which have no relevance to the work we are about to do.

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