Change with impact

Management team support

Develop your management team’s efficiency for widespread performance benefits

An effective management team is vital when dealing with change. That is why developing your strengths as a team is so important before you embark on a large change initiative.

Management team support

Is your management team effective? Are your priorities clear? Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and do you know how to handle them?

At Implement Consulting Group, we have a long track record of supporting management teams. Our model is based on roles and assignments, common agenda, responsibility and authority, ways of working, codes of conduct, communication and climate. By improving management efficiency within the team, and in other groups in the organisation, you will build a healthy management infrastructure. The result? Members of your management team will communicate openly and trust each other, and the effects will transcend the whole organisation – making transition a whole lot easier.


  • Can you afford poor quality teamwork?

    In many workplaces, too many resources are tied up in bad or random collaboration. It reduces job satisfaction, it reduces efficiency and effectiveness – and ultimately it reduces profit. How can we change this picture?

  • Good teamwork does not just happen

    Many workplaces need to strengthen their internal working environment, and the present financial crisis has only underlined this need. If we do not make it a conscious discipline to practise cooperation, it will have consequences for the working environment, the quality of the work delivered – and ultimately the bottom line.

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