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Generation Y

Get ready for Generation Y

Adapt your leadership to harness the potential of the next generation of knowledge workers.

Generation Y

Generation Y – also known as the Millennials – is the term applied to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. They are wired in a different way than previous generations, bringing new skills and an entirely different mindset to their professional life. This generation is predicted to bring about radical changes in business and other spheres of life – and the impact is going to be massive. 

Since Generation Y will soon represent the largest share of the workforce, your new employees – and customers – will come from this generation. So your organisation needs to be ready to take them on. This calls for a different approach to leadership and new ways of doing business.

Navigate the generational shift

To create high levels of engagement internally and land sales on the client side, it is essential that you understand and adapt to the new paradigm that Generation Y represents.

At Implement, we help organisations to navigate the generational shift through:

  • Leadership development – develop the leadership skills that will turn Generation Y employees into high performers and your business into a winner in the new business paradigm.
  • Organisational culture & HR strategy – learn to understand the motivational drivers of Generation Y so you can attract and re-attract top talent.
  • Customer insight – add generational understanding to your existing customer and market knowledge to make sure you sell successfully to Generation Y customers (B2B and B2C).
  • Experienced-based workshops – define and close your organisation’s generation gaps and identify areas of opportunity.

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