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System procurement

Choose the right IT system and supplier

To make sure your IT investment makes good business sense, involve your staff in drafting your requirements specifications.

System procurement

When it comes to new IT investments, it makes good sense to involve employees in decision-making. Their know-how and practical experience are hugely important – particularly when it comes to drafting requirements specifications and finding the right IT solution and supplier.

However, it is important to involve the right people at the right time. Drawing on functionality descriptions, process flows and cases, we can help you make the best use of staff resources.

Drafting the requirements specification

Requirements specifications are never standard documents; they reflect the needs of the organisation that produces them. A requirements specification may represent a list or an illustration that identifies the needs that the new IT solution must fulfil – and what you expect from the supplier. It may also be a tool for communicating needs across disciplines and functions. Some organisations even use requirements specifications as a framework for system development, as an addendum to a contract or verification of delivery.

Whatever purpose your requirements specification serves, we can help you:

  • Manage your list of possible suppliers
  • Design a requirement template (description with categorisation)
  • Prepare an information model/entity relation diagram, architecture model or context diagram
  • Collect needs specification from various business units
  • Design prototypes/mock-ups and scenario-based processes

Featured clients

FIH Erhvervsbank
Fast ITSM implementation and efficient process work
In only five months, FIH has succeeded in introducing an ITSM system which can support the parallel process work, so that the effects of the process improvements can be made visible in the supporting system immediately. The fast introduction of an ITSM system has made measurement and follow-up possible and, thus, allowed for the making of fact-based decisions during the process and optimisation work.
University of Copenhagen
Effective implementation of ITIL
Koncern-it is the University of Copenhagen’s joint IT unit, supplying more than 37,000 students and more than 8,200 FTEs (the number of employees is significantly larger) with a number of central IT services. The challenge of Koncern-it was to create clear roles and responsibilities in processes in order to free time and energy for focusing on delivering customer value.


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