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Strategic IT governance

Link IT projects to business goals for innovative business transformation

Benefit from working strategically and innovatively with IT development by involving organisational functions and levels in decision-making and design.

Strategic IT governance

IT is increasingly becoming a business asset that is regarded as an enabler for strategic business development. It’s moving away from its purely “functional” role and reaching all levels and functions in the organisation. But in companies where there is still a lack of clarity between IT projects and business goals, how can IT be governed and managed as a strategic business asset?

IT governance for improved business value

At Implement, we believe that strategic IT governance is a discipline that enables companies to work strategically and innovatively with IT development.

We can help your IT organisation become a true business partner in the company by involving various organisational functions and levels in decision-making and design. We design business engagement models that are fully integrated with corporate planning and strategy development. We do this by designing and implementing a structure where your company can govern and manage IT as a strategic business asset, and at the same time build an operating model where you manage IT as a business portfolio.

The result? Your IT organisation will play an active role – often as a leader – in business transformation and innovation.

If you want to learn more about strategic IT governance and how your company can benefit from our approach, please get in touch.