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IT project and programme management

Efficient IT management delivers great business impact

Does your organisation have an IT master plan? One that gives a clear overview of all ongoing IT projects and makes sure they support your business strategy?

IT project and programme management

With the majority of business development tasks carried out as projects and programmes, it is important that these activities are organised properly. That is exactly what IT programme and project management delivers.

IT activities that are not properly managed are a liability for any organisation. Poor management typically results in loss of overview, bad decision-making or even totally failed projects – all of which are bad for business.

We help you design an efficient IT management framework

When your business accelerates or your strategy changes, your IT must follow suit. Our consultants have the experience and specialist competences to help you design an efficient IT management framework customised to your organisation – to ensure that your setup delivers business results.

Low on capacity

Periods of leave, recruitment issues, illness or resignations among key employees. All private and public organisations run into periods when they are temporarily low on capacity or miss key competences on the IT front. Our IT management consultants can help you through such periods, making sure that your IT operations run as smoothly as possible.

Featured clients

FIH Erhvervsbank
Fast ITSM implementation and efficient process work
In only five months, FIH has succeeded in introducing an ITSM system which can support the parallel process work, so that the effects of the process improvements can be made visible in the supporting system immediately. The fast introduction of an ITSM system has made measurement and follow-up possible and, thus, allowed for the making of fact-based decisions during the process and optimisation work.


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