Fast Track Outsourcing

Use Fast Track Outsourcing for a quicker and more efficient way of outsourcing IT

Our approach to Fast Track Outsourcing involves using early engagement with service providers to test your IT outsourcing proposition – from solutions and scope of services to service level agreements and price.

Fast Track Outsourcing

The traditional outsourcing process used by companies is time-consuming and resource-heavy. It takes up to 12 months to prepare the process involving hypothetical sourcing scenarios, detailed specifications on requirements and heavy documentation. This is followed by negotiations where companies try to shift a big element of the risk to the service provider.

At Implement, we do it differently. Our Fast Track Outsourcing approach is based on early engagement, transparency and collaboration with selected service providers.

Complete transparency

Our Fast Track Outsourcing process is 10-15 weeks long depending on the level of complexity in the sourcing strategy, scope of services, current documentation level and available resources. The key to achieving success in such a short time frame is to focus on complete transparency and an open dialogue with the selected service providers.

A customised approach

Our approach to Fast Track Outsourcing involves:

  • A couple of workshops to determine sourcing drivers, high-level scope and selection criteria
  • Preparing a high-level Vendor Fact Pack, describing current state and proposed scope
  • Selecting 5-8 service providers for an initial feedback presentation
  • Optionally, invite select service providers to submit a tentative price indication
  • Shortlisting the two most suited service providers for a 6-week proposal development phase. This phase involves understanding your needs and engaging in a collaborative discussion with you.
  • The shortlisted service providers submit their best proposals with the lowest possible risk contingency
  • Evaluating the two shortlisted service providers on two dimensions: 1) your specific criteria and 2) each service provider’s performance during the workshops, their trustworthiness and ability to collaborate

Savings and improved efficiency

Through our Fast Track Outsourcing approach, you gain:

  • Huge calendar time and resource savings in the preparation phase
  • Financial savings in the contract itself due to the lowered risk
  • A true partnership with your service provider as a result of the highly collaborative process

If you would like to know more about how Implement’s Fast Track Outsourcing approach can help your organisation, please contact Mike Polczynski or Chris Kovács.