IT management



  • Is your organisation ready for agile IT projects?

    The wish for an alternative to the traditional development and implementation waterfall model has existed for many years under the common denominator agile methods.

  • Innovative technology utilisation

    Technology evolves all the time and changes the way we behave and consume products. Technology has the power to reshape industries, and it has done it before.

  • Strategic IT use

    To meet clients’ increasing expectations and relatively greater power than previously, the demand for dynamic adjustment between IT and the business is larger than ever.

  • Business simulation

    Learn more about the well-proven methodology for how to create a smooth implementation of a cross-functional IT transformation through business simulation.

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Featured clients

FIH Erhvervsbank
Fast ITSM implementation and efficient process work
In only five months, FIH has succeeded in introducing an ITSM system which can support the parallel process work, so that the effects of the process improvements can be made visible in the supporting system immediately. The fast introduction of an ITSM system has made measurement and follow-up possible and, thus, allowed for the making of fact-based decisions during the process and optimisation work.
University of Copenhagen
Effective implementation of ITIL
Koncern-it is the University of Copenhagen’s joint IT unit, supplying more than 37,000 students and more than 8,200 FTEs (the number of employees is significantly larger) with a number of central IT services. The challenge of Koncern-it was to create clear roles and responsibilities in processes in order to free time and energy for focusing on delivering customer value.