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Product strategy and technology

Translate strategic direction into roadmaps for technology and products

If you optimise your technology and product projects, you will be able to realise your business strategy faster.

Product strategy and technology

In many organisations, there is often a ‘missing link’ between strategy and execution. This typically leads to unfocused work, loss of efficiency and much frustration at the lack of satisfactory results when it comes to realising business goals.

To change this situation, we help companies translate their strategy into roadmaps for specific technology and product projects which are used to drive the strategy forward and deliver the necessary results. This establishes a clear connection between the corporate strategy and project execution – and ensures that business goals are reached fast and effectively.

Featured clients

Smart choices in uncertain times
The Danish electric mobility operator CLEVER A/S has turned traditional strategic thinking upside down to overcome challenges in an immature industry and to pave the way for the mass-market breakthrough of the electric vehicle.
Maersk Line
Opening up a new route to the high end
Maersk launched the Daily Maersk service in 2011 to change the rules of the game in the highly conservative shipping industry. The new business model was designed to tackle three fundamental industry challenges: unreliability, environmental impact and complex services.


  • Put all your eggs in one basket

    In dynamic business environments, innovation and development are often key capabilities that are needed to take advantage of the opportunities provided by changing conditions. The old saying ”Do not put all your eggs in one basket” has little value in such environments. -

  • Business Model Innovation

    Short-term competitive advantage is created by exploiting existing business models. However, in the long term, all markets mature, competition intensifies and turbulence increases. Consequently, new sources of growth must be explored, and fresh answers to enduring success must be found.

  • Short and fat projects will save your bottom line

    Kill Complexity is a change journey aiming at eliminating unnecessary complexity from an organisation and/or hindering unnecessary complexity in sneaking into the organisation. Kill Complexity is also about inspiring to having the courage to make trade-offs – and about building intelligent, simple solutions.

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