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Open innovation and user-centred design

Open your innovation to gain deeper insight and smarter solutions

Discovery-driven innovation opens new business opportunities. But to get full value out of this, you need to involve your customers, your partners and your competitors.

Open innovation and user-centred design

Many business opportunities remain uncovered or simply go to waste because companies are not radical enough in their approach to innovation. To get more out of your innovation, we suggest you broaden the scope of your input.

Open innovation involves all your value chain partners, including your competitors. User-driven innovation engages current and potential users. Both methods can be used simultaneously and will significantly improve your user understanding and product development. By gaining access to more people and new networks, you will deepen your insight into markets and customer needs and ultimately bring better solutions faster to market.

From defining an attractive problem to facilitating the process – scheduling your innovation is key to success. Learn how to start building your own innovation eco-system

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Open innovation
Open up the innovation process to discover new ideas and partnerships. The idea of opening up what are often confidential processes of product development and seeking an environment of co-creation. Get inspiration and commitment by involving existing or new external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, start-ups or researchers.


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