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Lean Innovation

Balance creativity and effectiveness to create more value faster

Doing the right things – and doing them in the right way. That is what effective innovation is all about. We apply Lean Innovation to define the ‘right things’ and the ‘right way’ for your organisation.

Lean Innovation

Lean Innovation can help organisations create better solutions faster. Lean thinking draws on visualisation, frequent assumption testing and periods of ‘non-negotiable rules’ in the development process.

By applying Lean Innovation, we can help you create significant improvements in your: 

  • Project portfolio management
  • Project definition and execution
  • Department and technical disciplines
  • Critical support functions

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  • Will Lean kill creativity in innovation?

    In order to establish an innovative work process, it is essential to blend creativity & efficiency in the right ratio. This is true individually for team members, but also for collaboration within a team. Most professionals know that Lean can help increase efficiency, but how does Lean influence creativity?

  • The Speed Dilemma

    Imagine yourself being in charge of a company that delivers the best quality product to the market. You deliver faster than the competitors. You use less resources than the others. Employee satisfaction is skyrocketing. And best of all, you can spend the majority of your time developing your people and setting the strategic direction for your company.

  • Put all your eggs in one basket

    In dynamic business environments, innovation and development are often key capabilities that are needed to take advantage of the opportunities provided by changing conditions. The old saying ”Do not put all your eggs in one basket” has little value in such environments.

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