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Innovation culture

Develop an innovation culture that works for you

Taking risks and stimulating radical ideas while still delivering bottom line results. Not an easy task, but we can help you master this balance.

Innovation culture

There is no fixed recipe for developing an effective innovation culture. But we know a lot about what works and what does not.

To get the most out of your innovation processes, you need to consider how to:

  • Balance analysis and synthesis
  • Handle risks
  • Ensure that innovation becomes a learning process
  • Innovate as a team and as an individual
  • Manage the innovation process
  • Distinguish between leader and employee innovation mindsets
  • Assess personal values and characteristics

At Implement Consulting Group, we provide the necessary tools and processes you need to handle these issues and develop an effective innovation culture in your organisation.

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Open innovation
Open up the innovation process to discover new ideas and partnerships. The idea of opening up what are often confidential processes of product development and seeking an environment of co-creation. Get inspiration and commitment by involving existing or new external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, start-ups or researchers.


  • Business Model Innovation

    Short-term competitive advantage is created by exploiting existing business models. However, in the long term, all markets mature, competition intensifies and turbulence increases. Consequently, new sources of growth must be explored, and fresh answers to enduring success must be found.

  • Put all your eggs in one basket

    In dynamic business environments, innovation and development are often key capabilities that are needed to take advantage of the opportunities provided by changing conditions. The old saying ”Do not put all your eggs in one basket” has little value in such environments.

  • The Speed Dilemma

    Imagine yourself being in charge of a company that delivers the best quality product to the market. You deliver faster than the competitors. You use less resources than the others. Employee satisfaction is skyrocketing. And best of all, you can spend the majority of your time developing your people and setting the strategic direction for your company.

  • Corporate curiosity by establishing innovation capability

    While companies acknowledge innovation as a powerful tool, they often lack the knowledge of how to leverage their innovation capability across their company or organisation.

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