Digital innovation

Because customer value is still the goal, but tech is changing the game

Digital innovation enables a bold response to digital transformation. It is explorative by nature and an integrated part of our innovation practice with a focus on leveraging a digital technology component to uniquely co-create and meet evolving customer needs.

Today, digital transformation is a critical issue for the vast majority of businesses. Technologies such as machine learning, robotics and internet of things are rapidly diffusing across industries, enabling ever-smarter ways of delivering value to customers.

Many businesses find it a difficult task to craft a response to this potentially disruptive rise of digital, as it often requires a venture into unexplored territory populated by tech-savvy competitors, agility and an unfamiliar set of rules.

It’s not about add-ons, it’s about embracing the different

In our experience, any business looking to retain its’ competitiveness can no longer approach digital as an add-on and ad hoc element to the core business. After all, digital is not about more, i.e. making the future a digital copy of the past. It’s about different. It’s about different value propositions, different business models and different capabilities, especially even different aspirations and customer needs.

We see a growing need for companies to respond by accelerating digital transformation in order to remain competitive in meeting the evolving customer needs in the digital future of business.

Common questions include:

  • What might be the unmet needs of our customers in a highly digitised future?
  • How might we ensure that we are betting on the right technologies at the right time?
  • How might we explore and exploit different matches between our customers’ needs and emerging technologies?

Co-creation of needs makes digital innovation work

We do digital innovation as an explorative and integrated part of our innovation practice with a focus on leveraging a digital technology component, not only digitalising existing processes.

Our battle-tested approach is customer-insight-driven and hypothesis-based complemented by a focused bottom-up understanding of change drivers. Using our innovation methods and tech expertise, we have helped our clients with identifying and prioritising (timing/investment) the opportunities of leveraging digital components for:

  • Developing the future business with digital enablers – the known and the new
  • Innovating the business model by digitising the core building blocks
  • Developing new digital customer experiences by exploiting and exploring known and new market needs
  • Building core capabilities to develop and run a digital organisation

In essence, it’s about going from trying to predict the evolving needs sprung from a digital transformation to designing a proactive response by getting closer to your customers and experimenting with technologies to co-create the needs that truly add value.

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