• Innovative technology utilisation

    Technology evolves all the time and changes the way we behave and consume products. Technology has the power to reshape industries, and it has done it before.

  • Business Model Innovation

    Short-term competitive advantage is created by exploiting existing business models. However, in the long term, all markets mature, competition intensifies and turbulence increases. Consequently, new sources of growth must be explored, and fresh answers to enduring success must be found.

  • Innovate Through Vertical Integration

    Vertical integration has been at the forefront of management thinking since Henry Ford’s fully integrated manufacturing plant in Dearborn. Since the birth of Core Business thinking the discussion has focused on what should be done inside the company and outside by partners and suppliers.

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Open innovation
Open up the innovation process to discover new ideas and partnerships. The idea of opening up what are often confidential processes of product development and seeking an environment of co-creation. Get inspiration and commitment by involving existing or new external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, start-ups or researchers.
Maersk Line
Opening up a new route to the high end
Maersk launched the Daily Maersk service in 2011 to change the rules of the game in the highly conservative shipping industry. The new business model was designed to tackle three fundamental industry challenges: unreliability, environmental impact and complex services.