Business finance

We help CFOs transform the finance function to a fully leveraged function, adding the highest possible value to overall business performance through a collaborative approach.

Business finance

How does business finance apply to the new standards? Being forward-looking, capability-focused and creating trusted finance partner roles through the organisations are some of the key components of the future business finance organisations.

Business finance organisations have become a key driver in driving process development, business planning excellence and providing decision support. In order to excel in business finance disciplines, it is key for finance executives to ensure direction and development and to align closely across the business.

High levels of complexity are making it difficult for many organisations to share and prioritise knowledge across functions and business processes. There is generally a widespread desire to transform finance bias from being focused on transactional accounting to becoming a value provider and a trusted adviser to the business.

At Implement Consulting Group, we strive to move past the mere discussion about the concept of business partnering and the future role of business finance. Over the past years, we have worked closely with a number of top-tier clients on the development of business finance capabilities. Moreover, we have actively been engaged in business finance development, training and transformation programmes.

When embarking on the business finance journey, there are some key considerations to reflect upon:

  • Why do we have business finance?
  • Where does business finance impact the business?
  • What are the key activities related to business finance?
  • How do we ensure that we have the capabilities to excel at business finance?
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