Finance and risk management


  • Business finance

    We help CFOs transform the finance function to a fully leveraged function, adding the highest possible value to overall business performance through a collaborative approach.

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  • Risk leadership

    We help organisations be prepared for unknown risks by building resilience and agility and ensure that targeted risk management initiatives create true value for the organisation.

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  • Finance strategy

    We help CFOs drive business transformation through finance strategy implementation deeply founded in a focus on value creation, capability development, organisational development and finance excellence.

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  • Finance operations

    We help CFOs implement cost-efficient and effective finance operations based on agile and robust operational structures with lean and efficient end-to-end processes across the organisation.

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  • Are your Risks really Problems and Challenges?

    Our ambition is to work with risk management in a way that creates real impact. Not that it hasn’t previously, but we do, however, believe that we can get even more value for the money by challenging the perception of risk management as primarily reporting and duplication of work that we already do. We want to ensure that risk management leads to productive discussions and decisions that end up having a positive impact on the business.

  • Risk leadership – how they do it in FC Barcelona

    In some respects, risk leadership in many companies resembles former Norwegian national coach Egil “Drillo” Olsen’s approach to football: controlled and defensive. Most of the time, the strategy resulted in the team steering slowly but surely towards a half-hearted draw.

  • Deriving business value from cost allocation and portfolio management

    A lack of cost allocation may lead to suboptimal demand. Effective control and execution of the cost allocation process pave the way for efficient demand management. Impact on a business level as well as on a behavioral level requires improvement of cost effectiveness and cost awareness through application portfolio and business process management as well as cost allocation practice.

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