Where to start with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Get clarity on the best place to begin your connected industry journey

Adapting a business to the world of IoT is a journey. The path and scope of change is unique for each organisation. We can help you determine the right place to start.

Where to start with the Internet of Things (IoT)

When companies realise the real scope and impact of IoT, many people become overwhelmed. Where to start when there is so much to do? We can help you determine the best place and way to begin your connected industry journey, while still being able to run the business.

Flexible approaches and models

At Implement, we have approaches and models to support the IoT journey. Our models have been developed in the context of business transformations for the connected industry. They cater to the uniqueness of an organisation’s journey and involve elements like:

  • A visionary storyline: Whether you have a business situation that calls for immediate and radical change or not, it is important to develop a powerful story that can excite and drive your organisation through what is often a long and hard journey of change.
  • The major phases: Building a foundation, developing the current business and creating a new business are some of the major phases in the connected industry journey.
  • A shared vocabulary: In order to increase cross-functional teamwork, create new paths and develop new mental models, a new vocabulary is needed; one that is shared by everyone in your organisation.
  • A flexible IoT capability maturity path: Every company will have their own unique journey. We have developed a tool that can help you adapt to the journey while retaining flexibility.

Based on our extensive experience in making change happen in a connected industry setting, we can help you define your journey and stay on track. To learn more, please get in touch.