Process design for the connected industry

When your products become digitally connected, you need business processes to match

With the emergence of the connected industry, business processes are changing dramatically. Do you have the right processes in place to make the most of this scenario?

Process design for the connected industry

Earlier, when a product was launched, the process ended there. With IoT (Internet of Things) technologies being built into physical products, that has changed. Now it is more a case of products starting their life when they leave the factory.

To benefit from new business scenarios with connected products and services, your business needs a new set of processes for designing, building, deploying and supporting connected products on the market; processes that integrate sales, services, IT, R&D and operations. You need to decide which part of the process should be in-house and which part should be outsourced to partners – and how to ensure integrity between the two.

Designing new processes for the connected industry and actually implementing them are two different things. At Implement, we have expertise in both. Get in touch learn more about how we can help your organisation put the right processes in place – and get them to work.