Make your product architecture IoT ready

Develop the right product architecture for a connected future

Traditionally, companies have designed products to meet current needs. With the new business models evolving, however, companies have to design products for use in a digital context. Does your product architecture support this new reality?

Make your product architecture IoT ready

Best practices for a robust product architecture are changing. Businesses are moving from a world of “walled garden” approaches to “open park” models. What you can do with your product after it is produced is becoming increasingly important.

When developing or evaluating the right product architecture for a digital and connected future, it is important to consider the following:

  • Which part of your product will be a commodity and which part will offer real value – and be the differentiator – in the digital future? What used to be the unique value proposition of a given product may become a mere commodity. Take smartphones, for example. The call functionality of the phone has become a low-value, commoditised function, while the phone’s fantastic app store is one of its differentiating features.
  • How do you manage the technological uncertainties of missing or insufficient standards in a connected industry? For example, communication standards that affect how smart devices talk to each other.
  • What role will your physical product play in future offerings?

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