Digital and connected business strategy

The Internet of Things: Take advantage of the enormous business potential

The Internet of Things (IoT) – or connected industry – offers a range of opportunities to deliver more value for companies and organisations. At Implement, we can help you address the challenges and realise the potential of the IoT.

Digital and connected business strategy

IoT refers to the "Internet of Things” – the digital connection of devices, items, vehicles, even buildings that allow them to collect and exchange data via embedded sensors and wireless technology. According to current estimates, 50 billion things will be connected by 2020. A staggering figure which suggests the predicted scope of the change lying ahead. The fact that global industrial groups have started investing billions of dollars in IoT suggests that we are not dealing with a flimsy prophecy. IoT is here to stay.

With the speed of change accelerating and the economic impact of digital technology becoming more apparent, companies and organisations need to respond effectively to the opportunities that IoT hold for their business.

At Implement, we offer specialist expertise within IoT and connected industry. Having worked closely with pioneering global corporations, we have extensive experience developing winning strategies for a connected world. And we combine this with our unique and proven ability to make change happen.

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