A digital business platform for the connected industry

Design a new business platform that supports the Internet of Things (IoT)

Use a holistic approach – encompassing IT, product development and business strategy – to create a digital business platform that works for your company in the new connected industry.

A digital business platform for the connected industry

With the advent of the connected industry, new requirements and definitions for IT architecture and technology stacks are needed.However, designing and building a new digital business platform supporting this new connected industry is no easy task. You are dealing with a young vendor industry with only few defined standards; at the same time, there are 200-300 IoT platform vendors to choose between. This is where expert insight and experience with IoT can make a real difference.

At Implement, we help organisations focus on:

  • The value of application development speed
  • The elements of security and privacy – built in by design
  • The core and non-core elements of a digital platform
  • The important new parameters to measure – such as connectivity, quality of service, privacy and security in third party data and products

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