Change management



  • The CEO’s viewpoint on leading change

    As advisors in a Nordic management consulting firm, we work with a large number of business leaders every year, helping them develop and improve their organisations and businesses. The challenges and possibilities facing these leaders come in many different shapes, but we find that there is one constant – it all involves change.

  • Change, facts and impact

    If we look at major organisational changes or large-scale system implementations, basic impact measurements are often “forgotten”.

  • Five principles to ensure profitable change communication?

    Change communication is key when implementing change with impact in organisations. Nevertheless, communication too often is added as a last-minute varnish when implementing a new strategy, a new process or a new system. After having worked with change communication for years, these are our reflections on and free-to-use principles of how to design communication with impact in organisations.

  • The art of implementing real change

    When a butterfly flaps its wings in London, the ultimate consequence may be that it triggers a hurricane in the Caribbean months later. This was one of the more spectacular conclusions that followed in the wake of the discovery that complex non-linear systems, such as the earth’s atmosphere, are extremely sensitive to the slightest change in the system’s initial conditions.

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Featured clients

How a new and powerful project organisation transformed the company
In just two years, KMD has adapted to completely new market and investor demands. This was achieved by transforming a chaotic myriad of projects into a transparent, value-driven portfolio overview spearheaded by capable project managers. The effect is increased internal satisfaction combined with multi-million savings obtained through a tighter focus on costs and optimisation of project execution.
Maersk Line
Global Sales Transformation
Maersk Line is fundamentally changing the conversation with its customers as a key enabler in producing top-tier performance in a tough market. Maersk Line divisions all over the world have already noted behavioural changes in key areas. Several improved business impact cases, where both customers and Maersk Line realised more value, have been documented.