Change with Impact

Internal communication

Make it clear and convincing

The success of your strategy depends on how well you communicate it to your staff.

Internal communication

Companies that can implement ideas or strategies fast outperform those who cannot. By making sure that change happens fast, your company can effectively differentiate itself from the competition. But you need clear and convincing communication to make it happen.

Explain and motivate

Change depends on the people who have to carry it out. Your staff need to understand why change is necessary, and what they need to do differently. Most importantly, they need to believe in it. At Implement, we help companies translate their strategies into communication that really motivates your staff to go the extra mile. And that is what it takes, if you want change to happen fast and create a competitive advantage.

We believe that communication is the strongest tool to make change with impact. Get in touch and let us help you create effective change communication to your internal stakeholders.


  • How to lead change

    Is the role of the change leader becoming less relevant, when more people become involved at an earlier stage? We do not think so. In fact, we believe that the role of good leadership is probably more important than ever.

  • How to succeed with change

    Implement has investigated whether CEOs use a set framework to guide them when driving change. The general conclusion was that they do not.

  • Aim for motivation

    Leaders who want to become better at evoking motivation and engagement have to work with their way of thinking and focus on seeing the intrinsic motivation within all employees.

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