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  • Five principles to ensure profitable change communication

    Change communication is key when implementing change with impact in organisations. Nevertheless, communication too often is added as a last-minute varnish when implementing a new strategy, a new process or a new system. After having worked with change communication for years, these are our reflections on and free-to-use principles of how to design communication with impact in organisations.

  • Change communication is also about changing habits

    The challenge is often the same. A new strategy has been completed based on an extensive analysis, and a thorough plan for implementing the strategy has been developed. There is a clear communication strategy, a bold core story and a long list of supporting communication elements for the various stakeholder segments.

  • Problems can be complicated – solutions cannot

    Introduce simple solutions to complex problems because we are only capable of processing a small fraction of the information we are constantly bombarded with.

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    The change communication network gathers people who are passionate about succeeding in implementing change by using change communication.