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Values and leadership principles

Are your values deeply anchored in everyday behaviour?

Values are key to implementing the strategy. But to define a value platform with an extra twist – and prepare the ground for successful implementation – you must ensure broad involvement of staff in the process.

Values and leadership principles

Do your values make sense to leaders and employees in their everyday work? Do we need values or guidelines? Should they be called something else? How do we implement them?

These questions are asked by many organisations. At Implement Consulting Group, we base our work on organisational psychology. To truly obtain a set of implemented guiding behaviours and a clear sense of purpose in the entire organisation, we follow some basic principles:

  • Values are strategic – they must reflect the strategic choices.
  • Co-creation – everyone must feel involved.
  • Facilitation – the process must be structured and carefully facilitated.
  • Simplicity – the guidelines, non-negotiable behaviours or whatever you choose to call them must be brief and powerful, and there should only be a few of them.
  • Energy – a process like this must have energy for it to be implemented and to create the right level of motivation and impact.

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The Capital Region of Denmark
Developing leadership in health care
Better service, higher quality of patient care at lower costs and with balanced budgets. It sounds too good to be true, but that is actually what the Capital Region of Denmark achieved through one of the most extensive leadership development programmes ever conducted in Scandinavia.