Change with Impact

Turning truly Omni-Channel

Let us help you design a retail setup that works for you and your customers

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed business conduct providing customers with round-the-clock access to information before making any purchases and retailers need to keep up. This is not easy, but we can help you provide your customers with the omni-channel shopping experience and stay relevant.

Turning truly Omni-Channel

All retailers are different and there is not a “one-best-way” to obtain omni-channel excellence. What we are good as, is helping you find the optimal model for your organisation, and identifying how to get there. To reach highest potential we will help you analyse all aspects of your business model, to identify and make plan for what to improve, how and when.

Areas that should be evaluated are:

  • Customers     
  • Value Proposition
  • Channels    
  • Customer relations
  • Revenue streams/costs
  • Infrastructure
  • Ativities

Why work with Omni-Channel Management?

Customers do not shop online or in physical stores. Customers shop brands and expect the same offering across all channels, the same seamless experience across their customer journey and the online and/or physical touchpoints.

Customers increasingly expect that companies recognise them as individuals and gives the impression that they know who they are and what their individual needs are. This requires a unified brand experience, building capabilities in cross-channel customer data capture, analysis and utilization.

Implement will help your organisation make the channels enable each other and allow the individual customer to start and end in any chosen channel with a minimum of recurring events.

We want to help you provide a convenient, responsive and needs-based customer experience and enable you to continue thinking omni-channel – in the design, implementation and anchoring of new ideas and changes​. We will help you identify improvement areas on their customer's journey and prioritise these according to impact and feasibility.  In addition we help you establish a more detailed plan to move forward towards providing the customers with the omni-channel shopping experience, to ensure control of key development areas, cost and a “how-to-win” roadmap going forward.


To learn more about our omni-channel project approach you can view the PDF below, which describes in more detail the Implement consideration to an overall approach and outlines a draft project plan as the basis for further clarification and detailed planning to best match the needs of  your specific organisation.