Strong teams learn faster and perform better

If you want to increase learning or accelerate leadership development, it’s important to think “team”.


It’s when we move out of our comfort zone that we really accelerate our learning. But we are far more likely to thrive outside that comfort zone, if we are part of a team.

Here’s how it works:

If you think “we are in this together” rather than “I am on my own” – or “my team and I have what it takes” rather than “I am not sure I can do this” – you’re more likely to venture out of your comfort zone and into the so-called training zone, which is where accelerated learning takes place. You’re also more likely to stay in that training zone for longer. Which means that you will learn more.

Team as a means to accelerated learning

Our experience and research show that being part of a strong team is one of the fastest ways to develop new competences. The mix of competences and personalities within teams promotes learning, giving each member easy access to support, ideas, feedback and the trust necessary to experiment and try out new ways. Also, having a strong and appreciative feedback culture within the team is fundamental to accelerated learning.

Accelerate by using your emotional intelligence. Bent Kock Nielsen, 30 years of experience within team building:

Collaboration is a discipline

A lot is at stake when it comes to collaboration. Bad or random collaboration affects job satisfaction, efficiency, performance and ultimately the organisation’s bottom line. 

But effective collaboration doesn’t just happen. Building a team is a deliberate and conscious process, which takes time and dedication. You have to cultivate conditions that bring out the best in each member and the team as a whole. But once members start working together towards common goals and with a shared spirit, that’s when energy accumulates, learning accelerates, and great results are achieved. 

At Implement, we can help you cultivate the discipline of collaboration and teaming so you can accelerate learning and performance in your teams. To learn more, please contact Bent Kock Nielsen.

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