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Talent development

Are you able to recognise and retain the next generation of leaders?

Your future top managers may already be working for you. Find them and help them develop.

Talent development

The most successful companies develop their top management from inside the organisation. But by some estimates, only 8% of employees have the potential to become a top performer at the next level. Can you spot them? Statistics show that 80% of managers are not able to. Implement can help your company become more effective at internal talent development.

Our approach includes:

  • A customised selection process based on your company’s vision and strategy.
  • A tailor-made talent programme that may include talent summits, mentoring and interaction with the current line and top management.
  • Focused deployment, including activities such as stretch assignments and out-of-the-box challenges.

If you need help spotting and developing promising talent in your company, please contact Michael Steffensen or Cathrine Foss Stene.


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