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S&OP with SAP Supply Chain Management

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S&OP with SAP Supply Chain Management

Implementing a system-supported S&OP process like SAP’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) software can make it easier to manage your network in real time. But the systems are by no means plug and play.

When implementing a system-supported S&OP process, make sure to cover these four key design areas:

  • Be certain that you have the right level of data detail — for long-term planning and for the aggregation level that corresponds to supply chain flexibility.
  • Translate numbers into a common language that is understood by both Sales and Production.
  • Ensure that calculations with a multiple can be reproduced. It is important to have a robust data model that can translate into one set of numbers for all stakeholders.
  • Construct your S&OP plans so that they are transferable into executable plans. Find a data model which ensures that your S&OP plan is based on realistic assumptions.

For more input on our approach to S&OP, check out our sales & operations planning Handbook.


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