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SAP execution

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Most companies use SAP to support critical business processes. But a wrong decision in the SAP set-up can be very costly.

SAP execution

Your operation, shop floor, production, warehouses and quality management are all supported by SAP software. Designing a complex SAP solution is not difficult; the challenge lies in making sure it is the right one, at the right level – and that it is implemented correctly. This requires a unique combination of implementation experience, SAP know-how and high-level competences within Lean, warehouse optimisation etc. That is what our consultants have.

Working closely with your organisation, our consultants will help you set up and implement the right business management solution for your company.

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Featured clients

Royal Unibrew
Among the best with SAP Global ATP
Royal Unibrew wants to be among the very best. Therefore, they have chosen to do something about the problems that many companies know all too well: failure to observe the promised date of delivery to the customers, unfavourable times of delivery for highly prioritised customers, urgent orders, large amount of capital employed and exceeding the expiry date of goods in stock. The solution to the problems is Global ATP in SAP.
Grundfos - SAP® APO
Propelled to the next level of planning with SAP® APO
Infrastructure providers around the world count on pumps from Grundfos Holdings A/S, known for its leading-edge technology and high quality. Deliveries are quicker and more reliable than ever now that Grundfos uses the SAP® Advanced Planning & Optimization (SAP APO) component for lining up all the right supplies to meet demand.
A custom-designed SAP warehouse system
A custom-designed SAP warehouse system: SEAS-NVE decided to build a new 1,500 m2 warehouse for spare parts and consumables as part of a large strategy process. A system for storage location management was to be implemented which could support a more efficient picking process