Project Half Double

How can we do projects in half the time – with double the impact?

A year ago, we embarked on the humble quest to radically improve productivity in Denmark by rethinking how we lead projects. This led us to one simple, but provoking question: How can we do projects in half the time – with double the impact? One year later, we find ourselves closer to the answer than ever.

Project Half Double

We are on a journey to conceptualize a new project management methodology through research and the collection of best practice methods. Furthermore, to experiment with the methodology on selected real life projects and gather learnings - and in the process engage a leading community of project practitioners.

Preliminary results

12 months into our journey towards creating higher impact faster, we’re able to draw the first preliminary conclusions. Although they’re not indisputable – change IS difficult – a clear trend is beginning to emerge. Of the seven pilot projects, one is completed delivering results in half the time as usual and thus meeting the objectives of Project Half Double. Of the six pilot projects still running, results so far are promising for the four of them, whereas the remaining two will probably not create the desired impact fast enough.

The report is structured as follows: The first chapter presents the Half Double Methodology and the generic implementation approach. This is followed by seven chapters, each covering preliminary results and learnings from the pilot projects. The report concludes with cross-case summary, challenges and conclusion.

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Karoline Thorp Adland
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Read the report on the preliminary results of Project Half Double below:

What is Project Half Double?

The Danish Industry Foundation, Implement Consulting Group, 3 universities, 7 pilot projects and more than 700 dedicated project practitioners have experimented with and co-created what is today known as the Half Double methodology.

The mission was simple, but clear: we were to succeed in finding a project methodology that can increase the success rate of our projects while increasing the speed at which we generate new ideas and develop new products and services. A methodology in which chaos and complexity is seen as a basic condition and as an opportunity rather than a threat and a risk. A methodology that can increase Denmark’s competitiveness.

Now it’s time to unfold the results and make the methodology travel as the next big step together. Phase 2 has officially been approved and we are ready to integrate Half Double in 10 new pilot projects and train 100 new Half Double practitioners in the upcoming year. Stay tuned!

Let’s make it happen – together. And stay tuned for phase 2

Watch the video from the event Project Half Double - Unfolded:

If you would like to know more about Project Half Double, please contact Michael Ehlers, Or read more about Project Half Double and join the community.